1392 - Taekkyon was first recorded in Korea, under the Joseon Dinasty

1907 - Lee Won-Kuk was born in Seoul and started to learn Taekkyon in An Gup Dong, Seoul, until it was forbidden by the Japanese. He then learned Okinawade with Gichin Funakoshi and Henan Kung-fu

1944 - Lee Won-Kuk created the Chung Do Kwan school, teaching Tang Soo Do (Taekwondo). Some of his earliest students were Uhm Woon-Kyu, Nam Tae-Hi and Lee Young-Woo.

1956 - Lee Young-Woo created the Jung Do Kwan school, a "sister-school" from his Master's Chung Do Kwan

1958 - Chung Sun-Young started to learn Taekwondo at the Jung Do Kwan school

1974 - Master Chung Sun-Young went to Portugal and opened a school at Sporting Clube de Portugal, his first students were Nelson Costa and Paulo Reis

1990 - Master Paulo Reis opened a Taekwondo school at the Sport Lisboa e Benfica, some of his students and colleagues from Sporting Clube de Portugal went with him, one of his earliest students was César Valentim

2010 - Master César Valentim went to Austria, where he opened a school, under the supervision of the Yong Du Gym Master Peter Wiesinger

The schools from Master César Valentim in Austria are working at the Iron Fist Gym Vienna and are still affiliated with the Yong Du Gym.