Competitions & Rules

Taekwondo athletes can be divided into two major types. The first is the offensive athlete, who uses impressive skills and shows an aggressive approach to the match. A defensive athlete, on the other hand, defends himself calmly while looking for a clean hit in order to score points. When watching the game, explore the history of each athlete to figure out what type each one is- then use the scoring method below to predict who will win.Scoring Method

Because Taekwondo is a high contact sport, men and women fight in 2 minute increments, 3 times, with a 1 minute break in between, while Juniors and Cadets have lower game times. Points can be added or deducted, and scores earned during each of the three sessions are tallied up at the end to determine the winner. In the case of a tie, the winner is the one who first scores a point on a 4th Round. When that is impossible as well, the winner is at the discretion of the judges, who select the athlete who has shown the best initiative during the last round.

How Points are Calculated

Earn Points (+3 Points)Using feet: A kick to the head scores 3 points. Earn Points (+1 Points)Using fists: When a clean hit is delivered to the blue or red areas of the protective gear on the body. A clean hit means the opponent is moved by the impact or there was a strong hitting sound. Using feet: When a clean hit is delivered to the blue or red areas of the protective gear on the body.

Extra Points (+1 or +2 Points)

Using the feet, any scoring strike to the upper body with a rotation of the body, higher than 180º, scores two extra extra points. The similar principle applies for the head. It means you can score 3 points on a turning kick to the body and 4 points on a turning kick to the head.

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