Kyorugi (sparring) has become a modern game sport earlier than any other part of Taekwondo. Nowadays, the number of Poomsae and Kyukpa (breaking) competitions is increasing. Kyorugi is the part of Taekwondo that became a sport game first.

The latest amendment to the Competition Rules was made at the General Assembly held in Puebla, Mexico, on July 14th, 2013.

There are individual and team competitions. Individual competition is conducted by two contestants, Chung (blue) and Hong (red), on 8m x 8m sqaure or octagonal contest area. Contestants are allowed to perform kicking and punching techniques on the trunk and kicking techniques on the head. All vulnerable parts of the body are covered with protectors.

One match consists of three rounds of two minutes each for men, women and juniors for both with one-minute rest between rounds.

Four referees - one Center Referee and three Corner Judges - are assigned for one match. Referee manages the matches and give penalties - two warning penalties or one Gam-jeom penalty makes deduction of one point - to the contestant who violates the rules. Judges score the games by pressing judge’s electronic scoring instrument and the electronic Protector and Scoring System that the athletes wear.

Contestants should wear protective equipment before entering into the competition area.

Protective equipment used in Taekwondo competition includes head protector, electronic trunk protector, gloves, sensing socks, forearm and shin guards, and groin guard.

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