Taeguk 3 Jang

Ra, another divination sign that is symbolic of the fire and the sun i.e. hot and bright. The student develops more passion and a feeling of justice from training. The pattern involves progressive ‘makki’ and ‘chigi’ as well as successive ‘jireugi’. The practitioner executes counterattacks against the opposing ‘chigi’. New techniques involve ‘sonnal mok chigi’, ‘sonnal makki’ and ‘dwit kubi’ stance. By 6th kup, the student understands the symbolic nature of how man uses fire to gain not only light and warmth but also hope. The movements of Sam Chang are carried out with passion and energy.

Taeguk 4 Jang

The fourth taeguk utilizes the next divination sign, which is jin. This principle represents the concept of thunder. This can be interpreted as a symbol of enormous power and authority. Thunder and lightning also cause anxiety and fear of nature’s force. The student uses this entity to train the mind to react appropriately in a calm manner. Once the storm has been braved, then the sky will clear and the sunlight will return. New techniques include ‘sonnal momtong makki’, ‘pyon son keut jireugi’, ‘jebipoom mok chigi’, ‘yop chagi’, ‘momtong bakkat makki’, ‘deung jumeok olgul apchigi’, and ‘mikkeurombal’. The movements should be carried out in a strong fashion in order to oppose jin.

Taeguk 5 Jang

The next divination sign of son is explored here. This represents the entity of wind, which can be calm or very forceful. Wind can be devastating such as a hurricane or a tornado. Wind can also be a gentle breeze by the sea. The student aims to develop a mental state that flows with calm and meets the daily challenges of life, however when required the student can develop very forceful strong actions. The 4th kup student uses the new techniques of ‘jumeok maeryo chigi’, ‘palkup dollyo chigi’, ‘yop chagi’, ‘yop jireugi’, ‘palkup pyo jeok chigi’. New stances involve ‘kkoa seogi’, ‘wen seogi’ and ‘oreun seogi’.

Taeguk 6 Jang

The pattern is a symbol of Kam. Taeguk 6 represents water. Water is a soft substance and something that flows freely. It is without form and flows with gravity to take up the shape of the area around it. If the student can act like water, it may be possible to overcome many obstacles by moving with the flow of the situation. New techniques for the 3rd kup are han sonnal olgul bakkat makki, dollyo chagi, olgul bakkat makki and batang son momtong. All actions should be executed in a flowing manner.

Taeguk 7 Jang

The next divination sign is Kan. This is a representation of a mountain and is said to signify the stable object that rarely moves. In this way the student cultivates a stable mind, thinking carefully about each and every move. Nothing is rushed or performed for the sake of it. New techniques for the 2nd kup include the stable but flexible cat stance beom seogi. Others are sonnal area makki, batangson kodureo makki, bo jumeok kawi makki, mureup chigi momtong hecho makki, jechin du jumeok momtong jireugi, otkoreo area makki, pyojeok chigi, and yop jireugi.


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