Jitae represents the man who keeps both feet on the ground and looks over the sky. There is a struggle to maintain life. The earth is a place where life not only begins but also ends. The earth cultivates natural things and life in all forms. The strong mentality of a student will be displayed with harmonious movements that symbolise the struggles for existence throughout life. The poomse line is that of a man that moves from the Earth’s ground toward heaven. New techniques include han son na olgul makki, me jumeok yop pyojeok chigi, and keumkang momtong jireugi.

Chonkwon poomse from heaven’s great might just like the emotions that come over a man who looks up at the sky with deep thought. In ancient oriental history the sky was a divine object that deserved much respect and worship. The belief was that the special Han people were settled near the heavenly mountain and heavenly sea. The sky also exerts influence over nature and the environment that we live in i.e. day and night, bright or dark. There are large, curving movements. The poomse line represents a man than comes down from heaven to Earth. New techniques include nalgae pyogi, keumgang yop jireugi, bam jumeok sosum chigi, hwidullo makki, taesan milgi, hwidullo jabadangkigi.

Hansu means water, which is the source of all life and growth of living creatures. It is a powerful substance that we see in rivers and oceans. It can also be quiet and contained like in a lake. It can take the shape of any object that contains it. The fluid motion and flexible nature of water applies to the student that trains in the movements of Taekwondo. Actions are performed gracefully but in a continuous manner. Strength and weakness are represented with the new techniques of son nal deung momtong hecho makki, me jumeok yang yopkuri chigi, kodureo khaljaebi, an palmok arae pyojeok makki, son nal keumgang makki, and modum bal.

Ilyeo is a concept that symbolises ‘oneness’. This idea of being one is a fusion of mind, spirit and body. This was developed by a Buddhist (Won Hyo) during the Silla dynasty. A circle or line will end up as one. All possessions and materialistic desires should be sacrificed. The student of Taekwondo aims to achieve Ilyeo and become one with nature. The student does not have distractions but instead they are free to focus on each movement. New techniques include son nal olgul makki, wesanteul yop chagi, twio yop chagi, du son pyo, bitureo jabadangkigi, and the stance of ogeum hakdari seogi. The poomse line represents the Buddhist symbol.


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