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The World Taekwondo Federation and Olympic rules state that sparring is a full-contact event and that is performed by two competitors in an area of 10 meters square. There are three semi-continuous rounds with rest inbetween each round. Black belt fighters fight in 2-minute rounds with a one minute break. Points are awarded for accurate and powerful techniques to the scoring areas; light contact to a scoring area does not score. Points are usually awarded by four judges. A kick or punch that makes contact with the opponent’s body guard (hogu) scores one point; back-kicks scores two points and a kick to the head is worth three points. Punches to the head are prohibited. If a competitor is knocked down by a scoring technique and the referee counts down, then an additional point is awarded to the opponent. At the end of three rounds, the competitor with the most points is the winner. Strikes are full contact and if one competitior is knocked out legally, the attacker is declared the winner.Breaking

Breaking is used to display the accuracy and power of a particular technique. Commonly used lower limb techniques include side, back, hook, turning (roundhouse), jump side and jump back kicks. Upper limb techniques include elbow, palm heel, inner and outer knife hand strikes. Successful breaking depends on correct attitude, good technique and aiming for point behind where the board is held.


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A point system is used within tournaments (including the Olympics and World Championships)Normally, four judges give and take points - this is done by pressing buttons.

At least two judges must award a point, otherwise it will not be registered.

A punch or kick to the torso gets you one point

A kick to the neck or head earns three points.

Kicking with rotation wins one extra point, both on the head as in the torso.

You can win by knockout.

If any of the partners reach 12 points gap during the third round he or she wins the match. Points are deducted for fouls such as hitting below the belt, hitting the face with the fists and by bad athlete or coach conduct.

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