By the end of the Japanese occupation in Korea there were five schools of martial arts under the name of Tang Soo Do style. These were called Kwans and were as follows:

1. Chung Do Kwan (Lee, Won Kuk),

2. Jidokwan (Chun, Sang Sup),

3. Chang Moo Kwan (Yoon, Byung In),

4. Moo Duk Kwan (Hwang Ki), and

5. Song Moo Kwan (Roh, Byung Jick).


After the Korean war, four more Kwans were formed. These were as follows:

6. Oh Do Kwan (Choi, Hong Hi & NAM, Tae Hi),

7. Han Moo Kwan (Lee, Kyo Yun),

8. Kang Duk Kwan (Park, Chul Hee & Hong Jong Pyo)


9. Jung Do Kwan (Lee, Young Woo).


The above kwans were unified forming one style which became known as Taekwondo. This unification was initiated by South Korea's President Syngman Rhee . This was the first use of the word Taekwondo as it did not exist before this period. It is accepted that General Choi was the first person to have suggested the name Taekwondo. literature claims that Sun Duk Song also submitted the name.

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