In this year the Korea Taekwondo Association was formed as an attempt to unify the many Kwans and create a standard system of Taekwondo. General Choi, Hong Hi was named President in the same year.

The first international tour also took place to the Far East. It was lead by General Choi, Hong Hi (pictured right) who was accompanied with 19 Black Belts such as Nam Tae Hi, President of the Asia Taekwondo Federation; Colonel Ko Jae Chun, the 5th Chief of Taekwondo instructors in Vietnam; Colonel Baek Joon Gi, the 2nd Chief instructor in Vietnam;Brigadier Gen. Woo Jong Lim; Mr. Han Cha Kyo, the Head Instructor in Singapore and Mr. Cha Soo Young, presently an international instructor in Washington D.C.

Despite the efforts, the Kwans still continued to teach their individual styles.

The Korean government ordered a single organization be created and, on September 16, 1961, the Kwans agreed to unify under the name Korea Tae Soo Do Association.


This association was a result of mutual agreement by the various Kwans as a means of achieving unification.


The Korean Athletic Union Recognized Taekwondo As A National Sport


General Choi Hong Hi establishes the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) after a trip to North Korea in the same year causes upset in South Korea.

Taekwondo Legends

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