2011 is almost over

Post date: Dec 15, 2011 6:31:06 AM

The last 12 months were filled with success, happiness, some obstacles but big accomplishment. After one year in Austria, the teams have grown bigger, stronger and with higher skills for Taekwondo and for Life.

This webpage had thousands of visits from 129 countries. The top 10 were Austria, United States, Portugal, South Korea, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia and Russia, but we had visitors from such remote locations like East-Timor, Guam, Vanuatu or Samoa.

We have now registered in our teams almost 300 athletes, we did introductory Taekwondo Training for almost 17.000 young people in Austria, from high-schools to technical schools, to youth festivals to sport festivals, you name it - we were there.

From training in 3 different continents to having students from all 5 continents, we are closing 2011 with a deserved break, getting ready and even stronger for 2012.

From December 23rd to December 30th, there will be no training but, 2012 starts with a Wintercamp in the mountains from January 2nd ´til 5th, a Taekwondo retreat to focus on the development of Poomsae and Kyorugi techniques.

For all those athletes, trainers, family and friends who made 2011 a great success, a big THANK YOU!

Master César Valentim