2013 - New Competition rules and technical requirements

Post date: Jul 1, 2013 3:19:11 AM

Octagonal Shaped mats; More Video Referee Cameras; No more Knock-outs; More Poomsae Divisions... a lot of new stuff.

Less than two weeks for the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) General-Assembly, the proposals for amendments of the Competition Rules are already known. The most significant ones are definitely the octagon, tested already for a few years in Korea and lately also in Mexico, this new format has a bigger impact on the traditional perception of the competition area, as well as introduces new challenges for the trainers and coaches to come up with new tactics. The 8x8 square competition area is still valid, but you can now expect to see more and more the Korean "UFC" style.

The requirements for the official competitions are now more demanding also on a technical aspect, with the mandatory 3 cameras for video-replay (4 with the head-top one) instead of the previous 2 that were the Video Replay systems available in most competitions. There should also be available a Jumbo Size screen so that the audience can follow up on the Video Review Jury.

Since April last year, the designation "Sudden Death" for the 4th Round was already abolished, but not only the "Golden Point" is now official, we lost also expressions like Knock-Out, being changed by more "Korean" words like Gyeolpan or Wanseung, since that really "knock-outs" situations, where the athlete lays down inconsistent, are becoming more rare.

Regarding the Poomsae competitions, the best news is that the Cadets Division is now a part of the official WTF Regulations and Competitions, having to compete with almost the same requirements as Juniors (Taegeuk Sa Jang to Keumgang) and allowing younger people to compete at worldwide events, just like it is seen in many other Olympic Sports.

Pictures courtesy of Bang.com.br