2016 Calendar for the Team

Post date: Mar 8, 2016 6:27:34 AM

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A busy year ahead with new training venues, new Competition Team training and a new Club Regulation for members and teams.

A new venue for the Para-Taekwondo Team and Kyorugi competition team is now available exclusively for our team. Fully equipped training room and fitness equipment, electronic Protectors and Scoring Systems always available and medical staff on site at all times. Free parking spots for the athletes and parents and many other perks. The Competition Team will be using the new venue every other week, depending on our Competition Schedule, that is already very busy this year.

Please download the Dojang Etiquette and other information bellow, on the bottom of this page.


1-6.1 Winterferien


1-6.2 Semesterferien

13.2 Kyorugi Kontrol Testmatches

20.2 Para-Taekwondo I Gürtel Prüfung

20.2 Taekwondo Gürtel Prüfung

21.2 WTDV Poomsae Kampfrichterkurs

22.2-26.2 Trainingslager Kyorugi

25.2 Para-Taekwondo II Gürtel PrüfunG

26-28.2 Slovenia Open (Maribor, Slovenia) (G1)

27.2 Hapkido Gürtel Prüfung


19-29.3 Osterferien

11-13.3 Dutch Open (Eindhoven, Netherlands) (G2)

19-20.3 Belgian Open (Lommel, Belgium) (G1)

19.3 Burgenland Open

25-27.3 Ukraine Open (Lviv, Ukraine) (G1)


2-3.4 Belgian Open Poomsae

7-10.4 WTF President’s Cup (Bonn, Germany) (G2)

16.4 NÖ Landesmeisterschaft (Kyorugi und Poomsae)

16-17.4 Yong-Du Poomsae Lehrgang

22-24.4 German Open (Hamburg, Germany) (G1)


6.5 Schulfrei Tag

14-17.5 Pfingstferien

7-8.5 Yong-Du Kyorugi Lehrgang

7.5 Berlin Open Poomsae (Berlin, Germany)

19-22.5 European Championships Seniors (Montreux, Switzerland)

21.5 German Open Poomsae (?, Germany)

27.5 Schulfrei Tag


3-5.6 Austrian Open Kyorugi (Innsbruck, Austria) (G1)

11.6 Bratislava Open (Bratislava, Slovakia)

17-18.6 Austrian Open Poomsae (Vienna, Austria)

21.6 Para-Taekwondo I Gürtel Prüfung

23.6 Para-Taekwondo II Gürtel Prüfung

25.6 Taekwondo Gürtel Prüfung


2.7 - 4.9 Sommerferien

2.7 Hapkido Gürtel Prüfung

9-10.7 Luxembourg Open (G1)


13.8 Finnish Open Poomsae

15-21.8 Summer Training Camp (Skalica, Slovakia)


16-18.9 Polish Open (Warsaw, Poland) (G1)

20.9 Para-Taekwondo I Gürtel Prüfung

22.9 Para-Taekwondo II Gürtel Prüfung

24.9 Taekwondo Gürtel Prüfung

25.9 Yong-Du Hoshinsool Lehrgang

24.9 Hungarian Open Poomsae (Budapest, Hungary)


1.10 Hapkido Gürtel Prüfung

9-13.10 World Junior Championships (Burnaby, Canada)

15.10 Wiener Landesmeisterschaft (Kyorugi und Poomsae)

22-23.10 Österreichischer Meisterschaft (Kyorugi und Poomsae)

29-30.10 Serbia Open (Belgrade, Serbia) (G1)


5.11 Michaela Igel Poomsae (Tragwein, Austria)

12-13.11 Croatia Open (Varazdin, Croatia) (G1)


3-4.12 Park Pokal (Sindelfingen, Germany)

4-5.12 Israel Open (Haifa, Israel) (G1)

10-11.12 Christmas Tournament (Pelhrimov, Czech Republic)

13.12 Para-Taekwondo I Gürtel Prüfung

15.12 Para-Taekwondo II Gürtel Prüfung

17.12 Taekwondo Gürtel Prüfung

18.12 Hapkido Gürtel Prüfung

26-30.12 Winter Training Camp (Tenerife, Spain)