New Generation of Electronic Protectors

Post date: Aug 1, 2013 1:58:10 PM

KP&P and Adidas were present in Mexico to showcase the equipment that has several innovations to bring the crowd closer to the matches, a new LED system that lights-up the vest once a contact point is scored is the newest introduction.

I had the pleasure of trying the vests and the KP&P system, first to be used in the upcoming Panamerican Open, these are totally different from the Daedo PSS, scoring is much harder with the swiping kicks, cut kicks have to be stronger and the fast kicks score with an incredibly precision all across the vest, wherever the Sensing Film is placed (basically all around the body), ending the dead spots from the magnetic sensors on other systems.

The biggest achievement from the new PSS is probably not all the technology behind it, but the marketing strategy since the future partnership between Adidas and KP&P makes the world wide distribution a lot stronger, as it stated by the slogan "The Future Starts Now; ADIDAS & KP&P".

The prices from the new system are also a little different from the Daedo ones, still being cheaper for the clubs that only need a couple of sets for training to keep with Daedo but, if you prefer to make a big buy and get all the gear for a small tournament, Adidas/KP&P are surely a good option. The Referee Controls and the Controller Desk system are build with strong and durable hardware, the equipment is easy to use and allows a nice feedback for the refereeing officials, for example, the Judges Scoring Handset vibrate once you push the buttons.