Asian Games - Polemic disqualification for Yang Shu-Chun

Post date: Nov 18, 2010 8:59:58 AM

[With Video] Yang Shu-Chun, Olympic Bronze medal and China Taipei representative for the female Fly division was disqualified after alleged irregularities on her LaJUST Electronic Impact Detection System (EIDS) footwear.

During the first round, the Taiwanese was beating her Vietnamese opponent, Thi Hau Vu for the 9-0 points advantage being then the match abruptly interrupted for a supposed protest.

Yang was called by the judges and automatically disqualified for everyones surprise.

Allegelly the China Taipei representative for these Asian Games that are taking place in the Chinese city of Guangzhou used extra sensors on the electronic socks that was using for the LaJUST EIDS.

What called for some controversy is that Yang Shu-Chun passed the inspection control and when was wining with such an impressive score, was disqualified.

The Taiwanese government, on declarations from the Sports Affairs Ministry to the press at Guangzhou, promises to start legal actions all the way to the International Justice Court unless "a reasonable answer" is given by the Asian Taekwondo Union.

Needed to say that Yang Shu-Chun was seen as one of the favorites to win the gold medal, while the local officials (China) hoped for the highest podium position to belong to a fellow national, the Olympic Gold Medal Wu Jingyu, that later actually achieved that goal!

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Hackers wrote “Shame on you” and “Give back the gold” on the Asian Taekwondo Union’s website, amid accusations that China and South Korea were behind the decision to disqualify the Taiwanese athlete, theCentral News Agency said.

The hackers also put an image of a hand with its middle finger raised on top of the flags of the two countries, along with a message stating that “we are all Taiwanese”, it reported.

On Friday the website’s homepage bore a message in Korean saying it was temporarily down “because of excessive traffic”.

Taiwan is in uproar over the fate of Yang Shu-chun, a gold medal hopeful, who was disqualified on Wednesday from the Asian Games in Guangzhou, southern China, for using extra sensors in her socks.

Television footage showed a man burning a South Korean paper flag in a Taipei street Thursday. The removal ofYang, Taiwan’s top taekwondo fighter, was especially painful for the diplomatically isolated island which sees the Korean martial art as a rare chance to shine on the world stage.

Videos and words of protest showed up on virtually every virtual Taekwondo Forum and Social Networks.

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