Electronic Vote to be used at WTF Elections

Post date: Apr 19, 2013 2:02:50 AM

Next July, in Puebla, Mexico, the World Taekwondo Federation General Assembly, elections for the President and the 14 Council Members will take place. To facilitate the election procedure, the WTF president asked the Council Members and Presidents if they would agree or not with an electronic voting mechanism. According to the Elections Procedure, and as established on the WTF bylaws, an email-voting was conducted recently, so that the current Council Members and National Associations Presidents could decide if an electronic voting system should be used, from the 171 eligible votes, the WTF received 105, with the impressive number of 95% being in favor of using the electronic voting system. In accordance with the WTF Statutes, a maximum of fourteen WTF Council members will be elected by the General Assembly. Each continental union shall consist of at least one but not more than five elected WTF Council Members. The candidate from each Continental Union who receives the most votes shall be elected, for a total of five Council Members. The remaining nine WTF Council member positions shall be filled in accordance with the total number of votes received, until fourteen WTF Council members have been elected.

For the WTF President and Council Member positions, the candidates have to be a board member of a recommending National Association and hold the nationality of that same Association.

The names of the candidates shall appear on the ballots in alphabetical order. The following four (4) ballots will be used and the elections will occur in this order:

  • Election of (1) WTF President
  • Election of (3) WTF Vice Presidents
  • Election of (14) WTF Council Members (alphabetical order by continent)
  • Election of (2) WTF Auditors