Empowering Women trough Taekwondo

Post date: Apr 23, 2013 1:57:04 PM

I was reading an article on another sport and it was impressive how much more complete Taekwondo is, as a sport, for empowering women in the modern world, to provide skills that are not only necessary in a confrontation, but to build a higher self-esteem, body awareness and even becoming more independent. Most of the the words bellow are 100% taken from Boxing, but many more can be achieved trough Taekwondo. Just replace Boxing with Taekwondo and here is what you have... more or less. Why is Taekwondo so important in personal development? Successful Taekwondo Athletes, male and female, have always been inspirational role models for social change. Boxing training is based around conditioning, explosive strength training and technical exercises. More advanced Taekwondo Athletes will also learn tactical and strategic skills to help them win competitive bouts. Taekwondo programmes can be just as effective as a no-contact (i.e. no sparring) programmes and competitive programmes based on competing in the mat. Taekwondo is an individual sport, but requires a partner to compete and a team to prepare. Training methods in Taekwondo attract people who are not drawn to team sports but also support the development of social skills associated with team sports such as reliability, conflict resolution, confidence and positive self image.

Taekwondo Athletes require courage and the correct use of aggression is rewarded. This makes it an excellent sport for girls and women who are often denied the chance to show their courage or aggression in sport. It also prepares women to defend themselves and fellow community members from violence on their city streets.

Taekwondo tournaments or bouts are an excellent way to gather the community together. There is a sense of theatre and occasion with the setting up of a tournament. The elastic mats used for competition, provide the opportunity for other community members (singers, breakdance, acrobats, other martial artists) to perform at Taekwondo events.

To which groups is Taekwondo best suited?

Taekwondo, like other martial arts, attracts people who want a sport where they are directly responsible for the outcome, a sport that is respected as physically and mentally demanding and “cool” by their friends and that can help them feel physically and mentally stronger. Taekwondo is a good sport for people who are very energetic or looking to fight off the effects of stress. Many women Taekwondo Athletes have reported that they love Taekwondo because of its stress fighting qualities.

Because of its use for self defense, Taekwondo also is accepted by parents who otherwise do not support their daughters doing sport. Taekwondo can also be practiced in modest dress, but traditionally it the training is done with a Taekwondo Uniform, the Dobok, – many trainers and Taekwondo Athletes will be covered from wrists to ankles and wear head coverings (knit cap or bandanna) while training to keep their core temperature high. Girls and women who cover themselves for cultural reasons do not need to feel exposed during training as most women will be ‘covered’.