First Euro-Asian Taekwondo Championship in Russia, 12 October 2012

Post date: Sep 24, 2012 7:49:07 AM

The event will include individual and team championship athletes between the two continents. Organizers: European Taekwondo Union; Asian Taekwondo Union and Russian Taekwondo Federation.

The participants are only invitated athletes selected by ETU and ATU.

There are from Asia overall 8 countries including Thailand, Iran, Taiwan, Jordan participating, (The nominees for ETU have not been announced yet).

iThe competition rules of the WTF, World Cup Team Championships currently in force will be implemented with modifications agreed between ETU and ATU. II. Protector and scoring system (PSS, Formerly called as Electronic Body Protector) and Instant Replay Video (IVR) system will be used for the individual competition. The use of PSS in the team championship will be confirmed shortly.

There are two formats, an Individual Competition on Olympic Weight Divisions with 4 male and 4 female competitors from each continent and a TagTeam Competition with 5 contestants in each team. Both continents with a male and a female team.

The venue is yet to be announced but the Russian Federation has a big experience promoting these events, they hosted last year the WTF Pro Tour, also in the TagTeam format.