First World Grand Prix, set for December 2013 in Manchester

Post date: Apr 18, 2013 2:24:16 PM

Manchester Regional Area - 2012 European Senior Championships

Manchester Regional Area - 2012 European Senior Championships

Sung Jin Park

The ambitious event which is being prepared by the WTF and which will gather the world’s elite Taekwondo athletes, WTF World Grand Prix, will kick off in December 2013 in Manchester, UK.

WTF President Chungwon Choue declared during a meeting with Korean Taekwondo journalists on April 16th that “the 1st World Grand Prix will be held in Manchester, UK, during 3 days starting on December 13th. Manchester is a city with excellent infrastructure for sports events and lacks nothing as the host city of the Grand Prix first edition”.

Through the World Grand Prix, the WTF expects to solve the current lack of media exposure and hopes to increase Taekwondo’s popularity around the globe.

The World Grand Prix will take place as a series with a final event at the end of each year, making a total of 3-4 events per year, and participating athletes will compete under Olympic weight categories.

Participation will be limited to the best ranked athletes per category and the winner will obtain further ranking points.

Those who obtain good results at the World Grand Prix Series will have the chance to participate at the Olympic Games without having to go through a qualification tournament: the best 6 athletes in each category by December 2015 will be qualified for the Rio 206 Olympic Games.

The second edition of the World Grand Prix is expected to be held in Dubai, UAE.

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