Kukkiwon and WTF, still two sides of the same coin?

Post date: Jul 12, 2013 8:57:22 AM

Last month, the election of Congressman Moon-Jong Hong as Chairman of the Board of the Kukkiwon, opened the way for the easy reelection of WTF President Chungwon Choue. Moon-Jong Hong, one of the two official candidates running for the WTF Presidency, has announced his withdrawal from the Presidential race during a press conference held last week at the Kukkiwon Headquarters. Hong, Secretary General of Korea’s governing party (Saenuri) and recently elected as the new Director of Kukkiwon’s Board, stated that the reason for giving up at such an advanced stage is no other than the impossibility to combine the two demanding positions that he currently holds with another absorbing charge as the WTF Presidency. Managing an important organization as the Kukkiwon demands a lot of work an daily effort, specially for a politician who hasn't been linked to Taekwondo for a long time. This fact, added to the pressure that entails holding one of the most crucial positions in the Saenuri party, has forced Mr Hong to take this difficult decision with less than 2 weeks left for the Puebla WTF General Assembly. Hong’s withdrawal leaves the current President of the WTF, Dr Chungwon Choue, as the only official candidate left for the elections, which means President Choue will lead the WTF for the 4th consecutive term of office. Dr Choue has been in charge of the Taekwondo Worldwide organization for the last 11 years, having actively contributed to the evolution and modernization of our sport and having secured Taekwondo’s presence in the Olympic Games until 2020.

President Choue was elected for the first time in 2004 to finish the term from President Kim, being then reelected in 2005 and in 2009. Since then, for the first time in almost over 30 years, the WTF and Kukkiwon had a different President, different office locations and even different strategies for Taekwondo, opening an wound that divided the two main Taekwondo organizations worldwide. For the last decade it has been known to exist differences between these two organizations, mainly when it comes to international presence, but also clashing on competition formats and regulations. WTF has always managed to reach a understanding solution for every conflict but, with a new and more powerful than ever Kukkiwon Chairman, the future is more uncertain for the average Taekwondo School Owner.

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