KP&P Protector Scoring System

Post date: Oct 30, 2012 6:06:21 AM

After being used in over 100.000 tests in the past two years, KP&P is on the verge of being the newest WTF recognized Protector Scoring System (PSS).

This new equipment brings a new approach to the electronic hogus (vests), since the light weigh is a result of a thinner 4mm sensing film that covers a bigger part of the vest, presented by the manufacturer as more efficient than the current ones being used worldwide. It combines computerized impact sensors with proximity sensor, much in a way that other brands do but with higher demand and more complex technical specifications.

The new KP&P system comes also with a bigger variety of accessories, besides the electronic helmets that were also developed by other two manufacturers, you can find a light EVA foam sensing socks and EVA sensing gloves. There is also training gear equipped with the sensing film, a nicely presented judges scoring equipment and a very nicely design match managing software.

The end price is a little more expensive than the current ones available in the market but it is worth the investment, since it brings new scoring techniques into the already wide range of Taekwondo motions, and will surely make the most experienced trainers adapt to a new technical and tactical scenario.

Our club is already ordering the first batch and expects to have this new "toys" soon.