Kukkiwon has modern certificates

Post date: Dec 7, 2010 11:40:45 AM

Kukkiwon was born again as a corporation with special status. As a way to comply the certificate of pum and dan with international standards, Kukkiwon changed its designs. Kukkiwon(with Won Sik Kang as present chairman) confirmed last August that they would issue newly designed certificates of pum and dan on upcoming 9th of August. This would mean a new start and vision, and will be decorated with oriental beauty.Regarding newly changed certificates, they will focus on expressing pumsae with beautiful detail by employing calligraphy. It will also contain the Taekwondo spirit and oriental elements. As breaking down existing styles, it employs vertical writing, and this is consequently connected to creativity. By writing down negatively on the pum and dan logos of Kukkiwon, it helps people from all around the world read them easily.In addition, it drastically reduces complex frame designs and logo decorations on the existing certificates, and minimalizes its designs to show future-oriented goals. At the same time, it does not lose its focus on the beauty and pride of Korea. To commensurate with global societies, it does not separate, but uses Korean and English at the same time, thus shows that Kukkiwon pursues globalization. For the newly designed dan certificates of Kukkiwon, leaders in the United States say it is a lot simpler and cleaner than before.

Woon Jin Chung from the United States said, "Certificates are well designed. It definitely goes with the twenty-first century. As art pictures are attached to the certificates, it values more of dan certificates. In addition, I am sure that adding the signature box on the certificate will definitely help the relationship of teachers and students. They will be more responsible for their behavior, thus consequently contribute to the development of Taekwondo."

Experts also favor the designs of the newly changed certificates. Kyoung Sun Kim, a professor of the design department at Seoul National University commented saying "This is a CI succeeding traditions and authorities of Kukkiwon, and also implies radical changes." Sung Chun Kim, a representative of CDR Associates, famous for developing CI for Hyundai Motors and Samsung Electronics, highly regarded the certificates saying that "This is a CI making people proud of themselves as Taekwondo members and also Koreans."

Source: Kukkiwon and Mookas