Kukkiwon, going adrift without its President as Lee resigns

Post date: Jan 7, 2014 2:05:10 PM

As the New Year kicked off just a few days ago, the Taekwondo community has been shaken by surprising news from Kukkiwon: Kukkiwon President Kyu-Hyung Lee resigned on December 31st 2013.Instead of opening a press conference, Lee has sent an official letter to all Taekwondo journalists in Korea on January 4th 2014.The continuous clashes within Kukkiwon are his main reason for resignation: the board of directors has been recently divided in two large groups: politicians vs. Taekwondo people. The direction that each group wants to undertake and the interests of several Taekwondo political groups are so contrary to each other that it seems to be virtually impossible to take any step forward.Lee’s proposals for vice-president and other important positions have been cut off by the chairman of the board of directors, making it very hard for Lee to create a working team that could bring about positive changes in Kukkiwon and Taekwondo that he had in mind.He felt that his hopes for normalizing the organization and restoring Kukkiwon’s prestige were totally devastated and realized that it was going to be very difficult for him to do any good for Taekwondo despite his position.In his official letter sent to the Taekwondo community in Korea, Lee also apologizes for not being able to carry out his job until the end, but he has decided to give up such an honorable position because his conscience and pride as a Taekwondo man could not accept what was happening.Now that the Kukkiwon has been left without its leader, the Taekwondo community is afraid that the World Taekwondo Headquarters will not normalize any time soon.WTM