London 2012: Wisdom is necessary while using the cards

Post date: Jun 12, 2012 11:22:46 PM

According to the World Taekwondo Federation rules, a Video Replay Card is given to the coaches to ask for video analysis of key moments, for a fairly sports truth, allowing the contestants to review missing head-points or bad judgment on the penalties. The cards can only be used while having the reviews approved, if you lose the appeal, there are no more chances during that match and the coach will only get one more chance for the card in a following match. If the contestant loses the card two times, will have no further chances for the Video Replay Card in the tournament.During London 2012 Olympics, there will be 6 video replay cameras on every competition area and the Video Reply review will also be screened in public on the flat-screens next to the competition area so that everyone can understand the Video Referee decision.

Photo: TK24