Software to Manage your Club

Post date: Apr 21, 2013 12:48:38 AM

If you own a small Taekwondo club, you probably take attendance and keep track of your students using a normal spreadsheet file or perhaps a small database program. These days, with a "techie" audience, more innovative tools are out there to help you and your students, available at a reasonable price, some of them even for free.

In my club we have been using TKD 3D for a few years, it is an interesting, interactive resource to keep your youngest students motivated about the Forms, Self-defense and even some sparring situations, the contents may in many cases not be correct and the tactics are outdated, but it still is a very good and interactive tool to keep the youngest ones having fun while learning Taekwondo on their free times.

For the high-performance athletes and sometimes for the ones that need a more "personalized" approach, there is a fantastic tool to help the trainer save some time, Evolution Sport Taekwondo. It helps you with training plans and workout schedules, it has tests and provides more material to the most demanding "costumers". A few years ago it was an expensive solution but since it has been updated in a while, the prices have lowered significantly, being now available for as low as 30€.

My recent favorite is available in a free version or a cheap payed one, Open Black Belt is a web-based club management tool that helps you manage your classes, students and contacts, track attendance and has a nice reporting functionality. It is not yet a tool to fulfill all your needs, but it sure moves in the right direction.

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