The Marlene Harnois "affaire"

Post date: Jun 22, 2013 9:16:43 PM

Last month, a new controversy hit the Taekwondo social-networks, Marlene Harnois, the French two times European Champion and who recently won a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics, has quit the national team and claimed that she was a victim of bullying and forced into a fake marriage, said that her coach, Myriam Baverel, had regularly insulted and humiliated her, under the authority of the national technical director Philippe Bouedo, starting another Taekwondo controversy in France. This was one of the many news we had since the new Olympic cycle began, as in most Olympic Sports, the elections for the National Olympic Committees, the World Taekwondo Federation board, continental unions and even most country associations had elections, revealing the usual dirt we assist in any kind of politics but also presenting the opportunity for a change, in many cases needed.

The Marlene Harnois issue (affaire in French) is just one of those dividing moments we can witness these days, one where it's easy to take sides, since most of the Taekwondo people that populate the social-media networks don't even have a direct connection to any of the parties.

My Taekwondo experience started as an athlete and from trainer to manager, I learned that our emotions tend also to mature, or sometimes to find their own space between the rational and the emotional balance. These days I look into the social-media and realize that people tend to act most of the time with second intentions, hidden agendas and not all the time playing for the best interest of Taekwondo. Anyway, we all have to pick sides, every "fight" has at least two opponents. Choosing one comes from the character of each and every one of us, not choosing sides is mostly left for the poor-of-spirit!

Here's one fight! Are you Blue, Red or just trying to be white?

Myriam Baverel Marlene Harnois