USAT defines new Head Coach

Post date: Apr 10, 2013 11:26:39 PM

The USA Taekwondo announced yesterday the new Head Coach for their National Kyorugi (Sparring) Team.

Coach Patrice Remarck is a well known name in the Taekwondo Community, since the 80's from being a phenomenal fighter, to the last Olympic games in London, where he was responsible for the training of no less than 3 athletes, including the medalist Terrence Jennings, that achieved the bronze medal with a last minute head kick against the Brazilian Diogo Silva.

The USAT CEO, Mr. Bruce Harris stated: "Having made the decision to select Coach Patrice Remarck, it is my hope and desire that our USAT team of athletes and coaches unite and support Coach Remarck in trying to achieve a common goal of excellence that manifests itself on the medal podium. We all recognize that we are behind in training and preparing the team for a very critical competition- the upcoming World Championships in Puebla, Mexico. We need to maximize what little time remains to prepare and to train and to get mentally focused on the task at hand. World Championships this year are more critical to making the Olympic Team for 2016 than ever before. Some may disagree with my hiring decision, but it is time to put that behind us."

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