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Post date: Jan 31, 2011 10:31:48 PM

There are an estimated 70 million taekwondo practitioners around the globe, making taekwondo one of the most practiced martial art sport in the world. The objective of the Global Membership System is to know better the practitioners around the world, establish an attractive communication with all of them and reinforce the image of taekwondo as a global sport. It is also to support their excellence in training and help to establish professional marketing plans. Every single member national association (MNA) should remain as it always has been a leading force to build up the practitioner's base. The WTF as the international sport-governing body wants to coordinate the efforts to efficiently implement a global membership program that should benefit all the MNAs, Continental Unions and ultimately the worldwide expansion of taekwondo.

The WTF GMS allows for the WTF member countries and their registered states/regions, dojangs (clubs) to manage up-to-the-minute membership information on their members. Each member's card will include a unique membership number that with internet access connects directly to the member's online real time profile in the WTF GMS. Every individual will receive a Global Membership Card issued by the WTF that shows the logos of the MNA, Continental Unions and WTF. Application form for Global Membership can be made only through member national associations of the WTF.

WTF is hoping to capitalize on this number by providing an all-in-one membership management system to its member national associations to manage their members starting from February 1st this year.

Sample - Global Membership Card

WTF will officially launch the online system from February 1, 2011. Four Member National Associations, Bermuda, Bolivia, Egypt and Iran, will be the first group of MNAs to join the system from February 14, 2011 and it is expected that many more MNAs will join as they see the benefits from the Global Membership.

Thanks to the economy of scale by providing the system at a global level, the cost per annual individual membership to be covered by MNAs will be kept to a minimum low and will still allow WTF to reallocate the largest part of this amount to the development of the sport. Profit generated from the WTF GMS will go towards the development and growth of taekwondo around the world and will help to increase the level of competition amongst taekwondo participants by providing resources and opportunities to the developing nations that otherwise would not be able to compete in taekwondo events around the world. The WTF GMS funds will also support the development of ten (10) worldwide taekwondo centres aiming at helping taekwondo athletes worldwide level up their competing ability through training.

WTF has been working closely with HangAStar a specialized Sports IT and marketing management company in the development of the WTF GMS for the past 18 months and will officially launch the online system from February 14, 2011. The WTF GMS database system will be housed in HangAStar's state-of-the-art Data Centre in Minneapolis, USA under the highest level of security.

Source: WTF