WTF Puts Top Priority on Safety of Athletes

Post date: Mar 21, 2011 10:47:03 PM

As the world’s taekwondo governing body, the WTF has put top priority on the safety of athletes.

After a March 11 natural disaster in northeastern Japan, some MNAs might be concerned over the possible threat of radiation to the safety of athletes attending the upcoming World Taekwondo Championships scheduled for May 1-6, 2011 in Gyeongju, Korea.

However, we can inform you that the Japanese health authorities have repeatedly stated that there is no health concern with the radiation from the affected area.

The WTF is closely monitoring the current situation in Japan and will, no doubt, take prompt, appropriate measures for the safety of our athletes, as the case may be.

If you have any concern, please contact the WTF directly for more detailed information. Also if you hear any exaggerated claims about the danger of radiation from Japan, please report such claims to the WTF.

The upcoming World Taekwondo Championships will take place as scheduled and we look forward to MNAs’ active participation.

source World Taekwondo Federation